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Every cultural and economic change produces the same fundamental fear: that in the unknown future, there will be no place for people like me, or for the things I value.

"The fashionistas dont write books you can refute. They dont quote Rousseau. But if their world becomes the whole world, pretty soon we'll all be changing scarves and looks and personalities every six months in desperate competition for attention and cool. The trivial will crowd out the eternal. We will all have to be cool. We will all have to fit in. No one will have to think."

We know the world through our senses and despite our many protests to the contrary, through our senses we imbue our world with value.

We can let style consume us or we can enjoy the age of look and feel, using surfaces to add pleasure and meaning to the substance
*"TheSubstanceOfStyle: Virginia Postrel*
i cant stop talking like "LiL John" the rapper.

I know its annoying and played out but i cant stop.

I'm back from Cali and back in the warm humid arm of this city i cant seem to leave(saginaw, MI). Oh how i missed these gray skys and below 70degree weather.

I know i have posted any new work in a while but thats soon to change. i have some sketches and a couple finished peices to add.
not much. given up driving. given up hoping. Clawing at the edges trying not to fall in. Drinking impairs one's judgement. Never apply plier to a cold car window. Mom loves me. I want a chihuahua.
i see $100US sitting next to me. yet i'm still in front of this screen click'click'clicking.

~Daddy needs a new pair of shoes
*very recent* Last night kicked ass. I saw 28daysLater. I ate CheeseFries. And I went to a Naked party. How awesome is that. PLUS!!!!!! I finally got my Profile up. Page 77 :) "sagnastymexican"

*not so recent* Still unemployed. 3 months and running so far with no end in sight. Summer is trotting along nicely. I see now that you only get out of life what you put into it. So this summer is gonna get all that i got.
*the soon to be"
Hmmm. not looking foward to much. I guess finding a job would be nice. July12 is TheBloodBrothers in detroit. Good times await. :)

-----DeathFromAbove, Liars, Miracle Chosuke, TheBloodBrothers, DDM

*very recent* The YeahYeahYeahs are awesome. I'm not saying they're the best thing since sliced bread, but i saw them in Detroit, and theyz frick'n awesome.

*not so recent* I lost my Telemarketing job. I couldnt sell 5 SateliteTVsystems a week so they canned me. Oh well. No big loss.
  I saw the YeahYeahYeahs and I saw Choke this weekend. Plus i visited my friend PJ at MSU. So this has been a pretty good week.
  Hmmm...what else. School is out. Not that i'm in school. But atleast I'll be seeing some of my friends again soon.
  I've been drinking too much lately. The beer is making me fat.

Bands i'm dig'n on: Choke, HotHotHeat, AFI(new album), YeahYeahYeahs,

Check…;<--funny stuff

And…;<--good band  MT1000
*very recent* I'm feeling pretty good today. I checked out a Les Savy Fav show in detroit and i had a strawberry shake at lunch.

*not so recent* hmmmm. Things are steady stream. The repetition is getting quick. weeks are going by fast, weekends even faster. Plans, plans, plans. Shows and drawings and savings. vroom vroom vroom. work work work. sleep sleep sleep. repeat.

Bands i'm dig'n on: Les Savy Fav, Vue, DeathFromAbove, HotHotHeat

*very recent* Art Nouveau is the shizznit. Especially Alphonse Mucha stuff. I am so inspired.  I go now!  I MUST SKETCH!!

*not so recent* hmmmm. Its cold. probably cuz its winter and all.       I moved into a slum with no heat or water. I live in kitchen. Literally. my bed is in there. the tv. and most importantly the warmness of the stove. which without i would freeze to death.        My hair is getting long. i wear it like a comb over in the hopes that others will associate it with an enthusiasm for indieRock but so far i've been called "Emo" by like a million people.        I've been spending alot of time at the library reading about art and art movements. I couldnt afford to go to school this semester so this keeps me sane.      I have aspirations of leaving michigan for a warmer climate. atleast till the summer semester. NewMexico sounds nice.      My best friend of 11 years (since i was 9) is going to war. I've always critized the recent actions of our goverment but it never hit this close before. it feels like my guts are spilling. it makes me sad that he could die.
I suck.
  I need to learn the basics like textures and brushes.
I need to get a wacom tablet and a fast computer.
  I need to get a second job so i can afford to go back to school.
  I need to stop hanging out with my ex-girlfriend cuz i refuse to get caught in a viscious cycle.
  I need to lose some weight, atleast in the man-boobs area.
I need to use the yeah, it was nice talk'n to you.

                                                    ------cia bella
                                                 from bubblegum to sky
                                                 the japanese tigers
                                                 starlight mints
I just bought this new car like 2 weeks ago.
A '92 Geo Metro. And i stop for gas on the way home from work.
So i put the gas in and i turn the key but the car wont start. Wont even make a sound and the electric is gone too.  

It makes me sad.
Now i'm stuck at home till i can save enough money to get it towed, get it checked, and get it fixed.

but on the up side, theres never anything to do anyway, and now i can focus on working out some ideas i've had.

Upped some updated peices too.
posted some stuff today. i like it.

  i'm 21 today. but its a tuesday so it doesnt feel like a "happy birthday" sorta day. more like a "happy tuesday".   I dunno. I dont drink really. I guess i can rent a car now or something.  

anyway...........happy tuesday.
i officially apologize about my rash generalizations about candians. I'm sorry, i hope any canadians i offended will forgive me.   Except for avril lavigne, cuz she sucks.  and if she's reading this, i have one thing to say to her, and that is, stop sucking.  thank you and good day.
*total rip-off of space oddesy 2001*

--*gasp*  "my god its full of thumbnails"---

wow. those extra servers deviantArt added are really making a difference. the site is so much faster now.

anyway, as of late i've grown quite stagnant in my artistic pursuits. so i will rejuvinate myself with some forced projects.
  Namely commercial art. Thats right, artistic integrity is taking a flying leap to the backseat and practical money-making works are taking center stage.
I plan open a prints acount and put some serious time and quality into some archival quality works that i know will sell.
     I'm thinking of doing some some nice drawings with lowrider, import, and classic cars. and doing some landscape practices in order to proquire some work as a landscape artist for all the richies in this town that are sprawling out and building new houses out in the country (what better way to finish off a new house then with a nice painting of your new property for the mantle).

who knows what this could lead to. I might even save up enough to go back to school.
I find myself sulking around accomplishing nothing and telling myself i'm technically performing the act of waiting. waiting to turn 21 so the fun can begin and i can get up from this table at this boring coffee house and walk out its door and go next door to the bar and sit down with a drink.  

anything and everything is something when you're waiting to turn 21. in a small town with nothing to do, its all there is.

Is it wrong to hate the world. to hate the clubs and clubbers. to hate the mall and mall-goers. to hate the young and their beautiful ignorance. to want more then anything to eridicate the human race one person at a time with one's bare hands in the name of nothing for no one's sake but my own.

cuz if it is..........i dont care........i'd give my soul just to do it.
PinkPowderpuff13: did u learn a lesson?

DScribble13: yes. Never walk 30 miles when your angry cuz you'll only BE angry for 15 of those miles and the rest of the way you'll just feel like an idiot and you'll start talking to yourself and singing and trying to get cows and horses to notice you

PinkPowderpuff13: that is the lesson u learned?

DScribble13: i got chased by a skunk too
the only
i Ever needed was you

the only
i Ever needed was you

the only
i Ever needed was you